Our Approach

Quality assurance and control is an essential part of the construction process at Midlite. This is why we focus on developing strict quality guidelines and standards that meet or exceed government and industry standards. Our process of addressing quality before construction is what allows us to ensure that quality will be an integral part of the construction process from the beginning of a project to the end. At Midlite, quality is never an afterthought. 

Midlite Construction Ltd. is committed to providing outstanding service to our clients through the use of our quality management system (QMS).  We strive to continually improve the effectiveness of our QMS by ensuring that it complies with ISO 9001:2008 and evolves according to the ever growing needs of our clients.

Midlite’s QMS provides the framework to help us reach the following objectives:

  • To ensure all construction projects are turned over to our clients safely, free from defects, and fit for their intended purpose.
  • To ensure compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and conformance with all client specifications.
  • To monitor, identify, and improve our processes to provide improved performance leading to greater customer satisfaction.
  • To train, develop, and promote our commitment to quality throughout our entire team of employees from senior management through to new workers.
  • To maintain positive relationships with our clients by soliciting, and making effective use of, their feedback.

Our Team

With each member averaging twenty years of industry experience, our quality team is comprised of individuals holding valid trade qualification as either an electrician, a powerline technician, or a power systems electrician.

Our Process

Midlite’s quality department begins each project by developing an Inspection Test Plan and a Project Quality Plan. These documents are created for each project according to the specifications and constraints of the Quality Management System and Quality Manual, the Procurement, Engineering, and Construction Plans, and both the Engineering and Construction Work Packages. This documentation helps to ensure the quality of our construction as well as the quality of our Turnover Documentation.