From its inception in 1989, Rocky Buksa, President and founder of Midlite Construction Ltd. understood that to be successful, his company would have to be built on the first duty of business and the guiding principal of good business economics. That principle is not focused on the maximization of profits or increased production, but rather on the avoidance of loss. This avoidance of loss begins with a sound and well established EH&S culture.

Our Environmental Health and Safety culture is built on the principles of uniting responsibility and accountability for all Midlite employees.  Each employee is empowered to be responsible and accountable for their own health and safety as well as that of others.

Through extensive EH&S training programs for its managers and field supervisors, Midlite ensures that its mentors have the tools and knowledge required to ensure that each task is carried out in a healthy, safe and productive manner.  We believe that by using reason rather than force, teaching and not telling and sharing responsibility with everyone, we will reap the right accountability.

Midlite’s EH&S successes have come not by chance but by instilling a culture that teaches all its employees that they oversee their own destiny. They understand that, by following the policies and procedures, adhering to all acceptable processes, asking when they are not sure, they will succeed. They are part of creating their future as well as Midlite’s.

Midlite’s EH&S goals and objectives are based on an absolute number, zero work relate illnesses and or injuries, zero un-authorized releases to our environment and zero damage to company property as well as that of others.

Midlite’s living EH&S program allows for change as we remain focused on excellence and finding healthier, safer and more productive ways of conducting our daily activities. Midlite has now surpassed the 950,000-exposure hour mark without suffering a loss time incident.  

This achievement is even more remarkable when we consider the many high-risk activities that are inherent with the power line industry. Our ability to adopt and where applicable improve on industry best management practices has in many cases illuminated the hazards and associated risks or reduced the risks and lowered the severity to acceptable levels. Our culture is based on betterment. Our loss prevention program allows us to praise the right behaviour while suggesting change as required.

We owe our successes to an EH&S culture that focuses on excellence. At Midlite, we are what we repeatedly do.  EH&S is not an act but a habit.

  Curtis Nelson - General Manager accepting the FMCA 2017 Outstanding Safety Culture Award.

Curtis Nelson - General Manager accepting the FMCA 2017 Outstanding Safety Culture Award.